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Can I get pricing from you?
We recommend you setup a time for us to meet to go over the details of your planned event. Afterwards we will have established a per person budget with you that meets your budget and allows us to offer the food you require for the event.
What information should I have available when inquiring about catering?
An estimate of the number of guests you plan to invite, a date and the type of location you are considering is helpful. The parameters of your budget are also important. Keep in mind that the time of day influences the amount of food necessary, and consequently the cost of your catering.
How early do I need to contact you prior to the event?
The sooner the better. Certainly the caterer should be the first contacted when putting together an event. We handle events all the time and can save you money on rentals, set ups and venues.

We find ourselves booked a year in advance on prime weekends. So get your event on our calendar as early as possible to ensure you are going to have the finest cuisine.
How do I work with you on a wedding?
The same as any other event.
Weddings are a time of great joy but can also be stressful. Before you hire a wedding planner - talk to us.

While you are doing one wedding, we do them every weekend. So our ability to get you through the event comes from experience and that leads to a smooth event and money savings for you.
How do I decide on the menu?
If you have a theme or genre of food in mind we can fill in the blanks. If you don't know, we can show you other menus we have done and guide you. What your menu will be is also guided by the budget you have set for the event or wedding.
Can you recommend a venue for our event?
We are fully capable of hosting your party, both small and large, at our Park Place Banquet Hall. Or we can suggest ways in which your home or office space can be maximized, or if you already know your location we can simply cater on-site.

Through our years of catering we also have recommendations for you if you have not found the right place yet...
Do You Have Vegetarian Meals?
Yes, we are able to accomodate most dietary preferences and restrictions.
Can you provide alcohol?
Park Place Catering is fully insured and licensed by the State of Iowa to vend and serve alcoholic beverages.

*Note that in Iowa, a local law enforcement officer may be required to be present from the time alcohol is served until the end of the event.
Do you do tastings?
Yes, with adequate advance notice we can arrange for you to taste items before you decide to order. In general, we need a week's notice to schedule a tasting. Because we make everything to order, we cannot provide drop-in tasting. Please contact us to schedule a tasting.
What can I expect when I order from Park Place Catering?
All of our food is prepared to order and is intended to be served at exactly the right temperature. There are no hidden costs, we will make sure you understand clearly what you are getting, and what it costs. Whether you are trying to figure out how much food to order for an open house, birthday party, or wedding reception, we will be attentive to your needs. Please let us know what you are looking for, and we will do our best to provide helpful information.

What others are saying...

Park Place Catering, and Brenna in particular, goes above and beyond expectations every time, even offering to help with extra details that have nothing to do with catering. I would highly recommend Park Place Catering for any event!
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For the first time ever, Christopher's used Park Place Banquet Hall for our annual Christmas party. It was the most fun our employees have had at a company Christmas party. We have used Park Place Catering for many company personal functions. Every time we have used them people have raved about the food.
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